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Azure Table Query is a Web Role project that provides the ability to execute ad hoc LINQ queries against Azure table storage.


How to Setup
The download is the VS2008 solution containing all of the necessary projects. You will need the Azure SDK and the VS Azure tools installed to be able to compile it.

Once you have the source downloaded and extracted to your local drive, you should be able to just hit F5 for it to work. By default the Web Role is set to look at the development storage environment.

If you want to move the code to your Azure account, you will want to update the TableStorage setting in the configuration to point to your Azure storage account. I recommend making the storage account setting change first and trying it locally before deployting the Web Role.

How to Use
Once you have the project setup and pointed at the table storage account you want, you will need to choose a table you want to query.

In the Table Explorer, click on the plus sign in front of the Tables node to retrieve the table listing, then select the name of the table you want to query. In the image below, I've chosen the WADLogsTable to query.

If you want to see the properties of the entity stored in the table, click on the plus sign in front of the table name. Below in an image of the WADLogsTable entity properties. NOTE: This does not return anything if there are no entities stored in the table.

When you selected the table name, a default query was entered in the query window: from <firstletter> in <tablename> select <firstletter> If you run this query by clicking on the execute button you will get all the records in the table returned to the grid below.

If you want to export the results as an Xml file or Compressed Xml file, you need to choose the output type from the drop down above the query window. The Xml file will be a serialize array of the entites returned from the query.

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